Fabrizio Ferrari (4)


Take the glass elevator,immediately enjoy  Milan skyline and let Unico Milano athmosphere embrace you.

Located at the 20th floor of the WJC Tower, at Portello, Unico Milano is the highest Michelin star restaurant in Europe, where passionates for good and fine cuisine can find a modern, elegant and exclusive environment.

You can see the new Chef ,Fabrizio Ferrari, cookinkg in an open view kitchen. His challenge is to rediscover the  food an flavors lost  in our deepest memories  turning them into distinctive and contemporary dishes.



Modern yet romantic atmosphere at the same time, a 360° panoramic view on City lights and a sensory experience waiting to be discovered.


The kitchen table

The most requested table, close to the kitchen staff and its charming organization, with a dedicated mise en place and the chance to talk live with the Chef and his team. Reserve this table…



Today everyone is talking about brunch, but we are strongly firm to to retrieve the athmosphere of “Sunday Lunch”. Nowadays the challenge is to combine elements of great tradition with contemporary, excellent cuisine.



Celebrate your most important days and make them truly unique and special!
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