UNICO Milano restaurant

Our staff

Director Matteo Prezioso

The satisfaction of our guests is the goal we are pursuing every day and it’s what my job consists of.

Focusing on the customer and his needs is for me the key to be successfull over time. Listen,understand,propose,in order to realize exactly what the customer expects,fully meet his needs,creates a bond that goes beyond the mere business relationship.

The enthusiasm and dedication in creating important events are for me the light shaping in its countless shades.


Maitre Carmine Pastore

As Oscar Wilde said, “I can’t stand those who do not take food seriously.”

When I was a child and went to the restaurant with my parents,I used to look at the waiters, recommending their special dishes to guests.They were so passionate as if they had the taste of that food in their mounth.They looked like soothsayers who,with a friendly smile and a gentle joke, could understand what Mom and Dad wanted to eat at that very moment.

I saw them contentedly savouring,bite after bite,those perfect dishes,full of colours,passion,and love served with a good wine.That’s why I took the decision to do this job.

Going along with my guests in an excellent gastronomic journey has become essential for me.


Sommelier Davide Valerio

Long ago,I had a brief but intense grape harvest experience with a 90 year old,wise farmer.He revealed me the secret of the success of his company;”When I harvest the grapes,I let the music be played in my vineyards.”

Even for me wine is” music” and makes us free to think and say what nobody would dare to say or think without its melody…in vino veritas!

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