UNICO Milano restaurant


Fabrizio Ferrari


Egg hunchback cardo of Nizza Monferrato, truffle and cream of Caciocavallo Podolico
€ 40

Blue Mascarpone, crunchy of walnuts and Grana Padano

“False smoked” salmon at Lapsang Souchong, prawn tartare with Pico de Gallo sauce of mushrooms and herbs
€ 28

Meckerel in oil with vegetables and ginger, oyster pearls in acidulous reduction (pinot nero, sauce, butter)
€ 24

Octopus salad cooked in red wine, fermented leeks of Cervere, spinach marinated in oil, balsamic vinegar
€ 24

Seared duck breast in orange caramel, spelled couscous with red onion
€ 24

Fondant of cotechino, creamy with lentils
€ 18


Risotto of Carnaroli San Massimo, radicchio and roastes octopus
€ 24

Potato gnocchi and burnt wheat with spikes and sea bass, scent of marjoram
€ 27

Chickpea paste, pork leg turnip greens and chilli pepper
€ 22

It looks like a matriciana” paccheri, shrimp, bisque, crispy sword and onion
€ 28

Tagliatelle with meat sauce and powder (porcini mushrooms)
€ 24

The main courses

Mùscat beer deer, chanterelle terline
€ 46

Beef with anchovies (beef fudge cooked in slow cooking in Cantabrian oil and anchovy)
€ 36

Pork cup millefeuille in Malvasia bath, parsnips, vegetable patè and rae cabbage oil
€ 32

Angler with the essence of basil and cream potatoes with EVO oil

Sea bass, fermented red onion, capers emulsion of Salina, broad bean polenta with rosemary
€ 38

As per the Italian law, we must inform our kind customers, that in our food proposal could be present one or more allergenic,either as ingredients or as a trace:The list of food allergenic is available to our customer upon request.Unico Milano Kindly asks his customers, in case of any kind of food allergy, to promptly comunicate it to the waiters.
Some products may have been frozen or frozen on the spot (by rapid temperature reduction) as self-control procedures described in the Manual Hygienic under EC Reg. no.852/04.We are at your disposal for any clarification.
We inform our customers that our restaurant is non-s,oking electronic cigarette.
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