UNICO Milano restaurant


“Dessert means number, order, creativity, alchemy linked to evolution and applied to tradition.

Pastry is passion…

The passion I put in composing my sweets.”

Beppe Allegretta

PASS 121 component

Charming Italian Chef component

Tiramisù Unico !!!
€ 18

Thinking of a cassata…

€ 18

Pomegranate, pumpkin, persimmon, chestnut, strawberry grapes
€ 14

The show must go on”
Coconut, white chocolate, smoked sweed paprika, pineapple, mint, yogurt and garam masala
€ 16

Caramel, raspberry, cocoa
€ 16

Truffle, green apple, 35% azezlea, cocoa, dark sweet, mushrooms
€ 16

As per the Italian law, we must inform our kind customers, that in our food proposal could be present one or more allergenic, either as ingredient or as trace. The list of food allergenic is available upon request. Unico Milano kindly asks  customers, in case of any kind of food allergy, to promptly communicate it to the waiters.

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