UNICO Milano restaurant



TESTING MENU 7 courses € 140

Oyster pearls and plankton foam

“False smoked” salmon at Lapsang Souchong, prawn tartare with Pico de Gallo sauce of mushrooms and herbs

“It looks like matriciana” paccheri, shrimp bisque, crispy sword and onion

Risotto AOP (garlic, olive oil and chilli)

Pork spikes at BBq with scampi

Mùscat beer deer, chantarelle terline

Caramel, raspberry, cocoa

Pitagorical Vitation

TESTING MENU 5 courses € 100

Carrots with horseradish and ginger parsnips, porcini mushrooms and chanterelles

Polenta of spelled with sweet and sour leeks and almonds in toasted filet

Fantasies of radishes, cabbage and onions in ferment

Pumpkin pan with truffle in field herb preserve cream

Pomegranate, khaki, pumkin, chestnut, strawberry grapes


TESTING MENU 5 courses  € 85

Preserves sweet and sour frogs

Saffron risotto

Fondant of cotechino and lentils

Truffle, green, apple, 35% azezlea, cocoa, dark sweet, mushrooms

Asparagus, turnips and carrots sour with sumac and mint ice cream

Quinoa with crispy zucchini flower in vegan sauce

Artichoke and beetroot oil cooking

Raspberries, honey of Giorgio Poeta and black tea, black raven corn

Col coeur in man


“Mondeghili”meat balls Milanese style

Milanese style risotto

Veal liver, blond onion and polenta crispy

La cotoletta Milanese style

“Tribute to Milan”

Each course present in the testing menus can be ordered to the card at a price of 39€.
For their complexity the tasting menu cannot be changed and thy’re meant for the whole table
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